Important product- and user manual

  • The mask can be used as a partial face cover for mouth and nose. The mask is an article of clothing and ensure neither a medical nor certified protection. The mask doesn’t have a certificate as a filtering facepiece respirator for FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3. The mask can’t be used as a medical equipment (e.g. respiratory protection against aerosol) nor as a protective clothing (e.g. fine dust) or as industrial safety. The mask isn’t declared as a medical product and can’t product against pollutants or infections. The mask has no CE certification.
  • The mask has the use to restrain wetness or droplets in case of speaking, sneezing or coughing to protect other people against viruses or germs. A complete protection can’t be assumed.
  • Please follow furthermore the official healthy- and hygiene rules in your country even if you are wearing the mask. Especially the required safety distance.
  • If you use the mask for other than the intended purposes you do it on your own risks. The manufacturer rejects all product liability concerning non intended uses of the product.
  • Please make sure to wash the mask at 60°C before first use.
  • Please only use household detergent. Don’t use bleach, disinfectant or fabric softener.
  • Please tumble after washing or iron it on low temperature to reactivate the fabric function.
  • The use the mask place it over mouth and nose with the fabric indicator outside. Fix the mask by tying the bands behind your head.
  • If the mask feels wet, change and wash the mask.
  • Functionality is guaranteed for 30 washes.
  • While handing the mask please do not touch the fabric but handle the mask by using the textile bands.
  • Keep the mask away from fire.
  • Use the mask exclusively as a mouth and nose cover. Don’t pull the mask over your eyes.
  • During driving make sure you have a clear field of view.
  • Make sure the mask is airtight sealed during storage.


Superfine® is a registered brand of Willy Hermann.

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